Opinions from My building

I don’t know If my building Was Ugly So notes for my construction.


Hi there my name is Aussi6, I have just joined the DevForum less than 30 minutes ago and would like to assist you here, if I may ask, what are you trying to build so I have an open mind, and if you could provide me with some more photos, thanks for your time and effort! :smile: @mariofilho2016


Too much neon, try either removing some or toning down the transparency a little. whatever this is (you should elaborate a little) I think it’s too bright and its really simple right now so there isn’t alot of room for feedback. Please say what you are building and maybe wait untill theres more to give feedback on?

Anyway I can’t really rate it or anything because its really just parts and truss, Interesting grass texture though. :eyes:



In my opinion there is way too much neon it blinds my eyes.

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it’s Sun dude you know On the model.

Oh my bad forgot to look at the image link.

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Yeah, that sun is why they don’t build mirror buildings IRL anymore either. Too many fires!

Turn that ambient lighting way down, maybe reduce the reflections, darken the grey, and update your picture. I see some good scaffolding, but I’m not sure that’s how a building structure looks. Would have more concrete.

is it just neon truss and a large plastic rectangle?

are u trying to build a construction site?

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Good way to kick start your devforum experience

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it is not based on the SCP game only one construction.