Opinions on 2D (drawn) logos?

Hello. I have recently started designing logos for groups/games and here’s my recent work.

I would appreciate constructive criticism and some help with how much I should price these at. (for the record, I sold one at 300 and another for 500 but I’m still unsure.)

Thank you!

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For the most part they look good. However, they could do with a bit of improvment and make them look a bit more professional? When you make logos, ask your self, what is your aim? What game are you making? Ect. Good luck!

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Invention Simulator is hot. I bought it from him :slight_smile:


I know this is somewhat counter-intuitive to mention, but the watermarks you’ve used really do cover up a large portion of the logos themselves. It’s not extremely difficult to see the logos, but if you want qualitative feedback on how bright they are, the colours used, etc. it’s quite a bit of a task – for me, at least – to discern what the logo actually constitutes from the watermark employed, especially on the first logo where the ‘SIMULATOR’ text overlaps with the ‘kewlblawx’ text.

I have no clue if I made too much of a fuss over that but be that as it may… the lighting is relatively OK, although it could do with drop shadows and other general shadows around the corners of letters. 2D is a good style but if this is to be done with a white background (as it is on Roblox), then it may look too bright. I say that with the second logo in mind.

Very creative logos, especially for the ‘INVENTION’ one. Well done.

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Thank you for the feedback! I am just concerned about my artworks being stolen and that’s why I filled it with the obnoxious watermarks. I will keep your points in mind!

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Thank you for suggesting this!


When you say:

I sold one for 300 and another for 500

I’m assuming you mean robux? In that case, I would say these have been under-priced if these are original :smiley:

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Yes, those are in robux. They are original designs as well.

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You could add more detail and be more creative, for example for the “invention” you could put a science tube as the bottom of the “I”. Other than that, job well done.

If you want to cash in on current trends, the shading on the letters could be removed. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I often see simply matte looks to most logos’ text now

Here are some instructions regarding logo creation.


  • Shadows visually define an object and are areas that receive little or no light. Shadows are used to create an illusion of a third dimension. You can improve the current drawings by adding more in-depth shadows.

Cast Shadows

  • Cast Shadows are the dark area on an adjacent surface where the light is blocked by the solid object. Cast Shadows are used to create a distance illusion. You can improve the current drawings by creating a distance effect.

Overall I think you should play with shading, it is a very important factor in a drawing.