Opinions on a lego game


well technically Roblox has studs and robloxian 3.0 is a lego figure :thinking:

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I would simply create a game where you do in fact build with pieces, but avoid and be really careful with any mentions to the actual LEGO company due to the legal reasons others are commenting on.

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The idea of building games on Roblox has been used a lot of times, although if you can make the idea yours and make it original and a fun game to play (without making Lego mad), I’d say go for it.

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Okay thanks for the suggestion

Please do not post by proxy for another user who does not have access to the Developer Forum. Additionally, be wary of copyright before going ahead with this.

I’ve recategorised this to Game Design Support because this is a question related to a very specific case that you wish to bring up. Development Discussion should only be used for topics in general about Roblox development.


It’s a good idea but I wouldn’t risk it.

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just call them Eggos instead of Legos -nevermind, thats a brand too…

Dont take my word for it, but the most proprietary thing about legos seems to be the interlocking mechanism (I mean, if you take that away, legos become plastic rectangles.)

Either way, I think it would be hard to position and connect bricks in roblox with a lego style interlocking mechanism. I would recommend maybe using “line force” as a magnetic interlocking system to position and hold parts together.

Cool! Just don’t make the “Lego” Blocks too realistic. The company might send you a DMCA request. I also made some games outside of Roblox who got Off the market just because it looked too much like lego. (Lego Might really come to Roblox or just staff. be careful about it!)

Thank you all for your opinions! I’ll see if I can go through with the project!

Roblox changed their studs look in 2009 I believe to a square instead of round studs.

Yeah but theyre still studs and ironically 3.0 avatars still exists :grinning:

Studs are studs you can’t copyright a stud that doesn’t even look like Lego’s studs. There’s nothing wrong with 3.0 avatars, they don’t have copyrighted assets.

I agree you can’t “own” a shape, but you must be careful if you want to specifically mention the company LEGO.

Exactly, you can’t copyrighted simple shapes, but you can copyright more complex shapes.

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I think it’s a little bit different if they’re related, and therefore the OP likely has somewhat of a say in the game, enough to be considered a developer of said game.

Like others have said building games and copyright claims both have existed plentifully, so be careful. Sounds kinda fun though.

If OP isn’t explicitly a developer for that game, then the relationship between them and the other person is irrelevant: proxy posting is not allowed on the Developer Forum regardless. The interpretation of the rule does not change based on one’s relation with another beyond membership on a team.

I am actually building the same game! Great to hear somebody else also want to build a building game like this. Keep in mind copyright gives you a lot of restrictions. It makes it almost impossible to create this game.

@dollychun already shared it, but if you are curious about what possiblities you have. Check out my post. It will answer a lot.

Very true. Actually, thinking about it, this idea could go very wrong with so many restrictions involved.

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Well, a story between Roblox and Lego happened.
Roblox was just in it’s early days, and it looks like a Lego game.
Lego knew about this, asked Roblox to change it so Roblox changed it to square studs.
If you notice, in the old website there is a notice saying "We are not inafilitrated with Lego and trademarks.

For the original poster:
This isn’t a good idea, you could get a DMCA copyright and the game could be taken down. Just don’t make it too similar to the real lego.

Hope this helps!