Opinions on a Roblox Game based on a Gambling Anime

I require some opinions on this.
I’m in an anime group specifically called Kakegurui. I am responsible for creating the school which takes place in the anime. I’m totally fine with all the building and what not, but I am worried about the concept.

The thing is, Kakegurui is a gambling anime- which obviously, is very much unacceptable on Roblox. So, my alternative was to allow the players to earn money freely and never be able to gamble it. Is this a smart solution? And if you have an anime based on gambling but don’t include any gambling is that still harmful to Roblox? And would this even be fun still? And would I get copyrighted?

It’s fairly unfortunate because my original idea to have Status Points and Currency. You were able to purchase your Currency with Robux because you could only bet your Status Points. There would be a set bet amount too so you can’t select the number yourself which prevents a corrupt economy. (bet would change into, “play your chances with”.)

In terms of breaking the Roblox Community Guidelines, you weren’t able to purchase Status Points with Robux but you are able to go from Status Points to Currency. You could say that your Robux are correlated to gambling, but you are never able to lose your currency (which means Robux too) since you can’t bet with your currency.

I don’t know if this alternative method and/or original idea is safe . It sounds safe, but I am uncertain. I want to give the community an enjoyable experience as accurate to the anime as possible while still abiding to Roblox’s regulations. And it’s hard seeing that this anime’s entire concept is verboten.

Thanks for reading.


Actual gambling is what is against the rules, as long as no real life money/Robux is being spent to gamble, it should be ok. Just make sure that players can’t pay money/Robux in any way, and I think you should be fine.


Any references to gambling are not allowed on Roblox. If you’re going to make a chance system or something of the sort, you should display the chances of the outcomes. Also as the above post said, make sure your currency is not purchasable with Robux.

I’ve watched the anime and I have to say I’m not sure how you’re gonna reference this without risking moderation o_o


I have not watched the anime but looking at pictures of the anime I have no idea how you’d make a game about an anime that looks inappropriate and is pretty much just about gambling.

Crates are kind of allowed. It’s a grey area. Look at games like murder mystery 2… You can gather coins and take a gamble on a certain % of a chance (like 2% for rare, 30% uncommon etc.)
Which is allowed. I think when you show a player the chance of winning/losing it’s okay (though i am not sure)

I don’t think you’d get copyrighted IF you make certain changes. Take tokyo ghoul for example. Search it on roblox and you’ll get results like ro ghoul and project ghoul but are very obviously based upon the anime.

I don’t think I’d have much fun playing even if it were allowed. I think your game should be a kind of roleplay game since you’re building a school. If you change all the bad aspects from this anime to make it comply with robloxs’ ToS you should be okay. Good luck

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i know right. there is a lot of things that are questionable. i decided to build the entire school and add a more safety in regards to how the gams work. like the tarot room will be the same, but the tarot cards will be designed more friendlier.
And I did this for a lot of them.

Yea, personally it’s going to be difficult. Like I said in the other reply. I’m taking the concepts of each game presented and just adding more fluff in regards to design and how you play it. The general idea of the game is there, but the concept will change to match the ToS.
Thanks for the in depth response.

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