Opinions on current builds?

Greetings! I am currently working on some ‘Seekling’ models, heavily influenced by @lando64000 and his ‘Seekling Collection’.

Was just wondering if anybody had any feedback on what I have so far? please be aware that texturing is to come later.


I really like them, these are great my i don’t know if it’s just me but are the leaning over to the back? But i’ll say you did a great job on your builds hope to see the textured ones very soon, keep it up.


Thank you so much!
And they are abit! Sorry, was messing around with orientations when I took the images!

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It looks really nice and they look so adorable. Can’t wait to see them with textures!

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These look amazing! By far my favorite out of them all is the plug one. Good job!

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Massive THANK YOU to everyone for your feedback!
I have made some progress on the models! You can see this below:

Textured Seeklings

These are not “heavily influenced” by lando64000, they are directly stolen from him. It is blatantly obvious that these are directly ripped from the game. Please do not post other peoples’ work claiming it to be your own.

If you’re wanting to get into developing, this is not the way to do it.


With all due respect,
these designs are extremely basic and easily replicated within Blender as shown below in a previous attempt:

@lando64000’s models have tails on them.
I’m still in the process of designing and replicating them.
So please, try not to throw accusations around.

Are you claiming you also drew all the faces from scratch in an image editor, too?

I am not.
Those are directly credited to @lando64000 himself. These were acquired through free models also.
I did however, sculpt and model the actual individual ‘Seeklings’.

I do not intend to keep the original faces, nor textures. They are simply there for guidelines.

I know that you’re wrong, individuals that have been physically with me during the modelling process know that you’re wrong.

And I never said it was the studio that distributed them, so seemily exploited leaks.

But my point being, your edition have meshed heads, where as mine uses MeshParts. Moulded, Mirrored and formed within Blender itself. They were basic to duplicate, and personally I see no mistakes in my own creations that you note to your own so I find that rather offensive.

Mine are UV wrapped, whereas yours are decals.
So as I said once, influenced. Not stolen. And it’s individuals such as yourself that stop new aspiring modellers going further because of your ignorance to abilities that may exceed your own.

I find it ironic that you tell me exactly how my models are structured, with meshes and decals. You wouldn’t know that if you didn’t have an exact stolen copy of them in Studio.

I am not trying to stop you from becoming a developer. I am begging you to rethink the steps you are taking to get into developing. I am trying to protect you from the consequences that come after profiting off of someone else’s content. Trust me when I say you will be much happier and prouder of yourself if you put stealing behind you and make all original content.


I clearly stated that I obtained a copy of the seekinglings via Free models. I used them solely as a base model to sculpt and form my own. The hours I spent duplicating and moulding the bodies were my own.

I spent hours grooling over blender tutorials and believed the best way for myself to learn would be by mimicing and yes, it did help.

I understand the consequences, I had played Brick Bronze since the very beginning and know of the repercussions. However, I do not intend to profit off of these, they are purely and soleley for educational purposes.

It was never clear to me that was how you obtained them.

If you would kindly link me to the free model so that we can report it, I would appreciate it.


I will search for it when I have access to my computer.
It isn’t listed or named as “Seeklings”. I came across it purely by chance when I was looking for Pokemon models to help me sculpt bodies the way the seeklings have helped.

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Latest editions:

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Oh my god those characters are so awesome looking! Kind of reminds me of Bay Max from Big Hero 6!

The designs are really good and well made, nice job! Also I saw some people saying its too simple, I very much disagree. Complexity does not define design.

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Oh yea thanks for the update they, look really good man are you going to add texture to the body parts. Or your going to just leave it white also nice job on the designs really like this! hoping to see your other builds super soon.

More and more coming!
Designed my own showcase for future models & designs!