Opinions on DevProduct Prices

Hello all,

I’m been working on my game, Castle Tycoon, which will be (I’m hoping) completed by the time summer comes around :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:.

Anyways, I’m adding developer products to my game that allow you to buy gold, and I would like feedback on their prices.


  • 100 Gold - 8 Robux

  • 500 Gold - 18 Robux

  • 1000 Gold - 35 Robux

  • 2500 Gold - 72 Robux

  • 5000 Gold - 140 Robux

  • 10,000 Gold - 265 Robux

As you can probably see, the prices are strategically arranged so that it’s a slightly better deal to buy the next most expensive developer product.

Anyways, I would love your opinions on the prices of these.

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Well, I can’t give you my opinion on the prices if I don’t know if say; 10k gold is hard to get or not. If it’s extremely hard to get, 265 robux is a little under-priced, I’d rank it up a bit.

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Really depends on how hard it is to get because if you can get 100 gold just by playing for a couple seconds why waste it however if it takes like an hour to get 500 robux then it makes sense and more people will probably buy it

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Thank you both for your opinions!

The 100 gold and 10,000 gold devproducts exist strategically to intervene at points of crisis. There are two major grinds in the tycoon, one is at the very beginning, where you have to click a lot to get a decent amount of gold, and the 100 puts you at a good place, while the 10,000, apart from being almost an absurd amount of cash, allows you to get “over the hump” of buying some extraordinarily expensive items.

I would say that it is a little cheap, most games where you can buy stuff like that is more expensive.

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Having played your game I can see that the prices are actually pretty balanced!

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It depends on what you can buy with gold in game. In terms of marketing, the strategy of making it a better deal to buy more is a good idea, but your baseline (smallest purchase) should be based around what gold can get you in game, so the rest of them are realistic/reasonable purchases for your players.