Opinions on Electricity Pylon

Recently, I decided to try out making an electricity pylon using the wireframe modifier in Blender on a basic mesh, and I personally I think it turned out pretty well compared to how long it took (~15-25 minutes). I’d appreciate any feedback!

In Blender:

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In Roblox:


Its too deformed. Pylons irl get thinner as they go up,but uniformly.here its broad at its base then it gets thinner then it gets more thinner in the next phase and then it extrudes out.it doesnt extrude at any point irl and just keeps getting thinner. Also Pylons are vertically pretty large.

But the time limit sort of justifies it but the extrusions dont.

Please take the above constructively.

Tip : use a reference while making such models.

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Looking nice!

I dont think you need to spend time that much on designing a background item (also it can be scaled up as i know )


It looks cool, but I need another angle to be sure. As said @IamNewToRiblix it’s a bit deformed that’s why I ask for another angle to be sure.

Precision: The angle I want to see is in front of it.

Thanks for the feedback!

Here are a few more angles:


Thanks for the feedback.

Here is the reference image I used, if you were wondering:

Hum yes it looks very good! Good work! Continue this way!

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