Opinions on game icon

Thoughts on this icon?
I’m by no means a designer or an artist so I’d like to get some feedback.

Png (10)

Is it “eye catching” or likely to be clicked/seen in your opinion?
  • Yes
  • No

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Looks like something for a simulator game. Good one tho.

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This icon looks good, and it is eye-catching. You should add the title/name/logo of the game onto the bottom of the icon, so people know what game it is by just looking at the icon. It would also look better.


I was also thinking that. I’ll do A/B testing when I sponsor. One with the name and one without

might be, but not for me atleast

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As @Quvelor said, this will get a lot of clicks, but I won’t be one of those. I just stick to a few good games and try new ones every so often, but most popular games usually suck and have no actually fun gameplay.