Opinions on GFX #3

I was bored and decided to make a GFX. This is what came out.
Thanks for your opinion!


Definitely an amazing render, my only critic is the border around it. I feel since it’s already dark that having such a heavy shadow as the border is a bit much.

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Good job on the render! There are some things you can improve
Is the left hand holding the pitchfork? Or is it only the right hand. Right now it looks as though only the right hand is holding it, if that’s the case you need to move the hand up the handle a little bit because the weight is not evenly distributed.
Like bensyncs said, the render is already pretty dark so the shadowy border is unecessary.

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Yeah it was meant for it to hold it with 1 hand, I know it looks stupid, but yeah…
I must fix it, removed the border already. Thanks!

Got rid of it, it just kinda looks empty now :confused:

What you might want to do is add more to it, right now it’s just a singular person there. Might wanna add like animals and such.

The story of it is, “Farmer hears sounds outside and goes to check at middle of the night”
so all the animals are in their places not randomly outside.

I feel like the background is plain.

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It is a good render and the pose is very nice. However, what needs to be worked on is the background detail. The background is lacking detail like, trees, rocks, mountains, hay and it’s easy to see where the land cuts off.

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Agreed, while making it I was really tired I knew it was empty, I just really wanted some rest, I just did it for practice anyways.