Opinions On GFX

Hey guys, can I have some feedback on this gfx I made?

Before Effects:

After Effects:


It’s very bright. Also, the right foot seems to be clipping the bed.

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This is incredible! The lighting is slightly bright but the render and the background are amazing! I love the cutesy feel to it. Absolutely wonderful. I love your work, keep it up!

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I think it looks amazing! The only suggestion I have is to drag the foot up a little, because its merging into the bed. Also the avatar’s clothes doesn’t fit with the topic of the GFX.

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Lovely GFX! Looks really good and smooth. :smile:

You need to work about posing the gfx characters, and light is too bright for my eyes

In the second photo the lighting is too bright, I like the first one. But good job!

Tbh before the effects looks better. After adding fx the only thing that changed was the brightness

hope you can learn from your first effect post, other than that it looks like their can be great potential.

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