Opinions on Hotel Entrance

Hello to all who read this!

I was hoping to get some constructive criticism and ideas about how I can improve this WIP hotel entrance.

For me it looks a little dull and boring, how can I make it look better. (Ignore the lighting, it’s temporary)


I am not really too much of a Builder, but I do want to improve, I know it’s not perfect which is why I am asking what can I do to make it better as well as how should I go about adding in more?


This looks really nice and modern, however, this edge:Capture
doesn’t appear flush with the rest of the structure. I’m not sure if this is the viewing angle or image, but, overall, this looks fantastic, keep it up!

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Ah, yes didn’t notice that. I will fix that!

Excellent. Are you going to be building the rest of the hotel? I’d love to see some more of this, it looks amazing!

Probably, just not the most confident about my building skills. I’ll keep you updated once the rest is built.

Alright, sounds great!

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The columns feel a bit too thin for their height. Perhaps you could make them a bit wider?

And then I’d add some colour to it all, or at least some texture so it isn’t completely smooth. It’s quite rare, even on modern style buildings, to get that much smooth white surface.


I’ll give that a try, thank you!