Opinions On Killer Models For My Upcoming Game 'Endure'

Some Im Currently Making A Game And Development IS Going Good! I Wanted To Get Some Opinions On The Killers That I Have Made (There Are 4 Killers And Skins for each) Bare In My Mind that i dont have experience With modeling ive been using roblox studio for around 6 months and im learning everything (ui,scripting,modeling) so im not an expertise in anyhthing

Here Is The Video Showcasing Them-

External Media

Here Are Some Screenshots


They look pretty good to me, so that’s a great job on modelling! Will you perhaps add some sound effects to them soon?

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they already have sound effects but they are implemented into the actual game

These look very good! Nice job on them!

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thanks i always strive for the best i can for my games like all devs should lol