Opinions on Low-Poly Cafe Assets?

So I recently made this asset pack that could possibly be used in a Cafe or something. I was considering selling them, but first I wanted opinions on what I could improve on and, if I sold it, what I should sell it for.

Any constructive criticism is appreciated!


I think they would fit great in a cafe! As long as the cafe matches the low poly style, these are great assets! If you are going to sell them, then maybe 50-200 Robux, since they are simple assets. So that’s about 10-40 Robux per asset. If you are going to sell maybe put them in a scene to show how they can look when being used though.

The only thing you could add is maybe different sizes of each asset. Normally in a restaurant, there are sizes such as small, medium and large. That’s about it though.

Great work!


Full disclaimer: always been a HUUUGE fan of low-poly stuff.

Anyway, I’d say the coffee in the second mug from the left is too dark, maybe make the handles on the mugs more uniform in thickness throughout the whole handle, and either make the straw on the last cup bigger, or make the cup smaller.

Buuut, other than that, awesome models!

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I love these, especially the coffee cup and the straw drinking cup.


  • Adjust the cup holding part as it does look a little out of place from my view.
  • Adjust the colour on the plate or make it deeper as it does look too flat.

I don’t see anything wrong with any of these assets. The low-poly building style is super popular on ROBLOX at the moment, so this would sell pretty quickly if you do sell them. Since it’s popular at the moment, I would say 250 robux is a great price for right now.