Opinions on Low Poly House?


I’ve currently tried practicing making a low poly house and this happened to be my result.

I’m curious of the possible opinions/improvements people can provide me if they find something that should be reconfigured or change.



Hey there, I think the house for starters looks pretty good, but there’s a few tweaks here and there I’d do to take it to the next level:

Firstly, the door is a bit small and indistinguishable from the house as it doesn’t fit in with the colouring. I’d remove the windows and place a larger door to make the house more homogenous.

Secondly, I’d put the chimney facing upward as it looks fairly odd pointing off to the side like it currently is.

Lastly, I’d add some more detail to the windows, maybe some flowers or a small arch above. These can make your buildings look really realistic but in a low poly way.

This build has a lot of potential and I’d like to see where you take it in the future!


Quick Analysis

The door seems to be misaligned and the chimney is strangely tilted and lacks details. The roof seems to be red like the walls, consider using a different color such as brown.

Looking over the other things we can find that the windows are alright, but inconsistent offsets from the corners can be found. An illogical part of the windows are the two windows near the corner. One is pitch-black, the other is lit. Imagine rooms in a building – regardless if it’s decorational or not.


  • Curtains to the windows
  • Flowerbeds
  • Adjusting the chimney and adding details like the walls
  • Rework the doors or simplify it – can’t tell if it is a door

How large is the building in proportion to a character?
Can you provide a screenshot from a different angle of the building? – The reflection from the lighting really bugs my eyes.

This building is decent. 7/10


The chimney is tilted at a really weird angle. maybe make it strait?? My opinion though.


You could add a step in front of the door, as well as cut half the overhang on the roof. Otherwise, same notes as the other peers including straightening the chimney. If you want, you could add a Smoke effect or a ParticleEmitter in the chimney if you want extra detail.

Otherwise, very nice work!

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The windows seem a bit large comparing to the door. Also my opinion: the neon windows you may want to dim down a bit. The windows are so bright I can’t see the outline.


I’ll test these out when I get back from work. Thanks!

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Thanks for the feedback! I’ll test this out later

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Thanks for the useful tips and information, I’ll adjust this when I return from work.


I’ll do so, thanks for the tip!


You could add some flowers right to the house and maybe use smoke emitter inside the chimney.


Alright, I’ll add that to the house. Thanks!

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That sounds quite good, thanks!


The house looks amazing, however, I believe the neon windows are way to bright, and may detract from the game experience.

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