Opinions on Mech and Hoverboard

I’ve modeled these in Blender and textured them in Substance Painter, what do you think?


Those are sick!! I love the scratching marks it actually looks like metal. Great work.

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super realistic for roblox game why
looks good though

That looks really cool.
In what Game will it be used if any?
I would like to try that game.

How do i learn to texture like you do!?

These are AMAZING the modeling is great but the texturing is EXCELLENT!


The hover board looks like something from a triple A game but without flashy neon effects.

That looks absolutely insanely amazing, best models I have seen in awhile. Good luck I will make sure to keep an eye out for any other models like this. :+1:

holy… amazing… i wish substance painter wasnt so expesnive :smile:

It’s made for our Dream Jam submission this year: Nova Springs - Roblox
We ended up in the top 5, which is awesome.