Opinions on Mushroom Village (Render)

Hello all! I recently got bored and decided to make a couple renders of some assets I’ve made (and then just through them all in one scene!)

Any sort of feedback would be nice on what you think of it and such! *_*


Absolutely beautiful! One thing I noticed is on the assets themselves (because I didn’t find anything odd with the scene itself), which is that the doors on the little mushroom buildings seem to be extended a little too much from the building itself (sorry if that didn’t make sense). Maybe try making the terrain itself bluer in color, so that it is a kind of bluish-green color.
Once again amazing work! I love your scene!
Oh also the second render is the better one, as I feel the lighting on the first is just a little intense.


Look… Am need y’all to stop taking all the talent and pass some around. I can’t even tell you how much I love this it look so clear… it looks like clay and that detail 100% clear… Keep this up, Keep making more, Don’t stop. :wink: :123:


This looks amazing! The second render definitely looks better though.


Feedback: I would totally move into that tall mushroom tower. Nice render! :mushroom:

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This warms my heart :’) thank you so much