Opinions on my Brand Newly Released Game!

Hello everyone! I would love some feedback on my newly released game which as been in development for around 3 months. (11) Block Battles - Roblox This is the game :arrow_backward: . I would love to hear feedback, pleasant or horrible lol. Thanks! - BMWLux :smiley:

I thing the building system doesn’t really work on mobile and the guis could have some improvements.

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The building system works fine on mobile games. We have tested everywhere. Yes I totally 100% agree that gui could use some improvements! We are working on that today now! Thank you so much!!

I thought the game was pretty good, but there are a couple things I think should change.

The sword does so little damage, so you can’t really stop anyone when they’re coming after your chest. Attacking them only annoys them but won’t stop them. Swords should do more damage and you should respawn when you die. Turrets do too little damage as well.

Map should be more interesting.

Honestly sword fighting is just basic roblox swordfighting and therefore is kind of boring. Custom animations and hit effects would be cool. Custom sword model would be good as well, plus more weapons you can buy in the shop like bow and arrow, etc.

A few things. We are adding bow and arrows today in fact. Thank you so much. Yeah, you can upgrade the sword in the sword shop. You respawn with you die. Turrets are pretty powerful but yes they do a little bit of a damage. Could you add some more about the map, like what we could add. There are custom animations and hit effects but yes we will take that into account. Thanks! :smiley:

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How come I do not spawn in the game? The intermission resets over and over.

Because you need 2 + players to begin a game.

First off all, the intermission GUI looks pretty bland. You could try improving it.


And i also couldn’t try the game at all because the intermission kept resetting. If you need more players, there should be an indicator of such.


Yes, my other dev made that section. I made all the sword systems and like block placement etc but like I’m not technically allowed to edit that.

Truly I will tell him to fix that right now because yeah. It doesn’t look the best.

1st of all what is it about pvp? 2nd of all you shouldn’t make it so you can easily get out of the main map area

Wait wdym “what is it about pvp”? You need two people if that is what you are saying. We though it would be more fun if players could explore a bit.

I mean you kind of get the jist of it when your in the sea

Yeah, I guess. But what do you mean “what is it about pvp”?

well I didn’t have anyone their so I don’t know the theme of it or gameplay

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Here join back I’ll show you. Just join the game rq