Opinion's on my Brick Building

Hi, I tried to make a LowPoly Brick building It’s one of my first creations using Roblox Studio, I would like to improve it but I have no ideas, If you have a Idea for me or someway I can improve Post it here, Thanks!

Heres the building if you want to explore, I’m planning on adding a teleport script for the door to another location, But that’s all I have planned for it so far, I would take almost any ideas.




Thank you for your time. :slight_smile:


Hello, thank you for submitting this awesome project!

I personally think that you have an outstanding first build and you have done well but maybe you should add some more details. Is there as a prop or is it there meant to be a certain building. For instance, if I had a cafe, I would suggest adding pillars.

Kind regards,

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I’m making a Christmas City, And I thought a LowPoly Brick building would be Awesome! So I tried to make one and this is how it turned out so far, If you have any ideas for what props I can add I would appreciate it!

Cheers, x5tb


This is a pretty good basic brick building! However, a few things that I think should be changed is the material, as plastic doesn’t really look like brick, and to maybe add a few windows, as the walls look kind of plain.

Other than that, good job!

It’s supposed to be a LowPoly Brick building, I was trying to make it a LowPoly touch without meshes and other items, So I kind of gave it a cartoony feel, So that’s why It’s not actual brick, And thanks for suggesting Windows, I’ll Add those.

Any more Idea’s would be appreciated! :smiley:

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Hmm, personally I wouldn’t think a city would be great! I personally think you should create a building where it’s like a mall and add a Christmas section where you can see Santa, ect.

Thank’s for your opinion, But I’m going to stick to a “Christmas City”, Because I don’t want to have this building go to waste, I wouldn’t sell it eaither.


As, I have never sold anything before And want to wait until It’s worth selling.

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Hi! Since this is one of your first builds, it is nice! It seems that you’re not sure what Low-poly builds are. In contrast to a High-poly build, it differs in count size. Your preference seems to be texture-less; not low-poly.

Moving on, I feel like you might need to change your door. Neon as your material does not really look great. (Where is the light source?)

Another thing I’d recommend is adding a few more details. Not everything needs to be made as a mesh. You can make windows while using ROBLOX Studio.

Though these are just my opinions. If you are reading this, thank you and good luck! :smile:


The light source is from the inside, You will be able to teleport inside I’ve seen other users do this and I think it looks nice, But I might change it.

Thank’s For you opinion. :smiley:

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No problem! Also, you can do that. However, maybe add a door instead of just a huge array of light? If not, lowering the brightness can be an option!

Oh, and will you tell me the difference between Low-Poly and High-poly?

Thanks, x5tb

I am not very descriptive when it comes to its differences. However, I do know a good forum: Low Poly Designs
, Though it does not say what High-poly is, you should understand since they’re basically opposites.

P.S. You’re welcome - [I’m new to DevForum so my format isn’t good].

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You own the Anniversary, Badge so you have (some) experience. :slight_smile:

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