Opinions On My First GFX

Hello, The Name Is Mysterious And I Just Recently Got Blender, So I Made This Pfp For Mysterious_Creations, How Is It?

Version 1

Version 2 Diff Background


The backgrounds on both look a bit pixelated and so does the entire image (but I won’t judge based on that- because of Roblox compressing files)

For a first, they’re both really good! I honestly don’t like the background on the first one but other than that, good job!

Also, for backgrounds of images the easiest thing to do is probably enabling the “Images as Planes” plugin then pressing Shift + A > Image > Images as Plane then look for your image in file explorer and import it. That way you can position it any way you’d like within blender.

Also, it looks a bit over-saturated. Look at the shadows of the hair for example, they look more brown than black/grey.

Other than those few things (which are common beginner mistakes in my opinion, although I’m not a GFX artist so I wouldn’t know) this is great!


As a begginer I could say it’s good for me but there’s problem that you need to be fix in the future which is the picture are pixelated better make it HD as much as possible. Use high resolution to render the character from blender and also make it the size picture up than 500x500 if you want to get HD images.

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Just Remade My Pfp’s


Or with Outline All Around?


What an improvement! Your a fast learner!

In my opinion the all-round outline is better but that’s really opinion-based

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I Honestly feel the same way, if u want a free pfp, Hmu

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My Work Now


Whole new level… You learn faster than Sonic X can run!


This is my work today Lol

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Your newer GFX looks great! I bet you can get some good money out of your work!


Everything that can be improved upon has already been pointed out by everyone else (Looks a bit pixelated and over-saturated etc). Besides that it looks great for a first GFX!


Btw i dont rig in blender, dk how to, i do it in studio lol

hey man, remember me, well literally December i left roblox for months, just came back 3 days ago and heres my most recent GFX, note: haven’t done GFX In months
![spleef thing|690x388]


i think ur right, i might be faster than sonic X Can run