Opinions on my first GFX?

This is my first GFX and it turned out okay. Can I get some opinions and tips on how to improve it?

I made this GFX for my friend’s military group called The Uk Empire (TUE)


All I’m going to mention is, MAN THIS IS FANTASTIC! I expect Designers first artwork to be simple and stuff but man, I’m amazed by this! Really love the quality of the render, that’s what stands out the post about the gfx! Really well made! 10/10! :slight_smile:


The lighting on this is pretty good but the background doesn’t match on the film tab in render properties on the default layout sidebar

tick the transparent property this will render it without the background and then you can add a better background and paste the render on top. Alternatively, you could place it into a scene which would make it look realistic if your using a scene for war graphics I would recommend watching a quick video on how to use volumetrics for explosions and smoke which can make the war render look really good it looks much more realistic than what is achieved in photoshop.

Example of volumetric smoke you can use this in many different ways

those are just a few

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You must be very talented and have done your research well, it looks great!

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Looks very good! Just one thing personally the background looks like it is a photo from IRL. The background just looks odd, to me. Maybe change it to a battle scene/some army/military thing. Great Job!

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My recommendations would be to add some smoke particles and a little bit of leg posing. Overall though, this is pretty great.

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Thanks, I appreciate that a lot. I will definitely consider watching some videos on volumetrics.

I would not recommend, PaintrigV3 you should try ultimate rig for some better results and then use Quattro Canti HDRI • Poly Haven they look really good together in my opinion. However if you do continue using that rig I’d recommend turning the bump down because it’s slightly jarring when it’s too high. Looks good especially for a first try!

Your first GFX is amazing! The details on the character is amazing and is amazing on the weapon as well! I’d say this is pretty solid for a first run!