Opinions on my friends game

Hello there, My friend would like some professional opinions on his game he’s starting out and your feedback would be very helpful :slight_smile:

If you have any ideas or things he could do to make the place better and more interesting you can post here or in the comments of the game it would be very appreciated.

Here’s the link to the game: http://www.roblox.com/Legend-of-Zelda-Ocarina-Of-Time-place?id=157925671

Thanks! ^.^ ~ cole7778

Eww he might want to switch the name, Nintendo games like Zelda got hardcore lawyers Roblox will most likely be contacted sooner or later if they already haven’t.

What? I’ve seen tons of Nintendo games on roblox and nothing like that every happened.

I’ve seen games on the internet shut down by Nintendo even a Zelda game, so I’m just assuming that they’ll have to contact Roblox sometime.

I’ve never seen anything like that happen

This isn’t roblox responsible, therefore nintendo won’t contact them.

If everything was Roblox responsible, guidelines would be MUCH more strict.

@TriGamer, Nintendo can contact Roblox legally and make a request to shut down any game with there title or picture on it. Why do you think games with Minecraft headlines or thumbnails are being shut down? Nintendo probably hasn’t noticed as we haven’t had many popular games with Nintendo on it recently, the only time I remember that happening was when we had a couple tycoons back around 2009 who used the name.

The thumbnail looks quite cheap. In other words, bad quality.
However, I can’t seem to access the game, so that’s all I can say

Yeah i agree on the thumbnail but any Tips for him that can help him make the better better quality etc?

I’m not sure why you cant access the game, it should be playable.