Opinions on my game logos

Hello everyone! I recently started a new game called Code White. It is a story game based off in a hospital, and you and your team try to make it out alive. I was looking for some feedback on my logo and thumbnail for it!




Thanks for the help everyone! :smiley:


For a horror themed game it is very nice. I like the dripping effect you added. You could always make the white blood or something if you needed to make it more horror like.

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I feel like the thumbnail should be looking into what the game entails. It shouldn’t be just the logo with a gradient background. I would consider either taking screenshots in your game or hiring someone for some 3D rendering so that it makes your thumbnail look more enticing to click on. The logo is perfect for the genre and should be kept but the background would not make me want to play this game more over another one.


You should change this font

Looks a bit blocky. Other then that, it looks nice!

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The small text on the icon could be hard to see on mobile platforms

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First question’s first: can I guess what your game is about?

The answer is no. I don’t know what it’s about – and without being presented with that knowledge, I’m not exactly interested to find out. Aside from being a nice thumbnail, it doesn’t deliver any information on the game it represents in regards to what exists within it, what it’s about, or who the protagonists or antagonists are. This isn’t the case for many other horror game thumbnails, such as ROSES which shows the abandoned hospital, or games such as Stop it, Slender! or Don’t Blink which show the primary antagonist.

I’d recommend, instead of a red gradient, showing the setting of your game as a backdrop. This would not only give more information to observers but it would look visually appealing with more of a variety of colour. As you know, thumbnails do not need to be as multifaceted and descriptive as they need to be informative.

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Another way you could take this is to drastically pull-back on the dripping blood effect. And maybe having just 1-3 drooping drops, to give it a really subtle and especially creepy tone.

At current, it almost appears to be leaking or melting rather than dripping.

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This I great I myself am a logo designer as well i like this the dripping effect is very nice I have a suggestion


(1) the D dripping is a little odd it’s so small you should make it bigger same with the W

(2) where HORROR is you should make that drip just a little.

Over all I like the logo design like to see more

I’ll let you know if I got more suggestions.

Hope this help.:grin:

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Thank you all for the help, I have read each and every one of your suggestions and comments, and I will be putting them all into account. Thank you all!

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For the smaller text, I would suggest having a drip effect from the top going down the letters slightly, in a pale-red colour (suggesting blood or something?)

Especially where the drips on the above text land (for example, the ‘E’ on the ‘OB’, W on the ‘RR’, H on the ‘RY’)
It should give the image a little more motion and age to it.

Perhaps also put a few cracks in some of the letters, such as at the top of the ‘O’ in CODE.

As some have mentioned though, this image really say much about the context of the game - what year it is, who is it about, what is the ‘Horror’ (psychological horror?).

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The dripping effect (As other’s have said) gives it a creepy vibe with the red to dark gradient. Though, some things could be improved.

When creating a game logo, it should envision and give detail to what the game has to offer, from the look point of your logo, It gives me a creepy vibe but nothing else to go on from. Just the name “CODE WHITE” doesn’t give so much info either.

Try adding a faint background with maybe some vintage to keep the creepiness to it. Or better yet, have an overlay of the picture that still keeps the red and black gradient. The text also somewhat looks a bit squished, I think it might look better if its stretched up and down a bit more.

You should also try adding some text contrast and “bold” some text. For example, try making “Horror” in “A ROBLOX HORROR STORY” red or even making the other text more lighter expect for “HORROR”.

Another thing to add is the thumbnail, you should also try adding some pictures and or creepy images to give the player more info to rely on and what they’re playing.

Adding some differentiation in your text can make it pop out more and make it stand out from just a font on a red and black gradient background.

Overall though, pretty nice for giving an aesthetic. :+1:

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I suggest filling up some more of the space. The emptiness makes it feel a bit bland. Also I suggest moving the “A ROBLOX HORROR STORY” down a bit, so it can take up a bit more room.

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