Opinions on my GFX/GROUP LOGO?

May I have some tips/feedback for my first group logo created? This is also considered as a GFX because I made the render on roblox studio + blender. Let me know!



Looks good! But the leg on the right is a bit off.


Yeah, it’s a blocky leg but I dont know why it floats when I loaded it in R15.


The text kind of blends with the background and makes it difficult to see. I’d personally recommend changing it.


I personally think that it matches and it isn’t difficult for me. :cry:

You should make the colour of the text a bit darker. Even though you can read it, it would be easier to read if it was a darker shade of pink.


posing can definitely be improved, are they saying hi, ready to punch you, or what? remove the neck part also, and after that, but the pink text stand out, i cant really see it rn, also is that ayora or arora? then make sure to add some drop shadow on the text and maybe the character so it maybe kind of feels like they’re standing in that place? or do something with pink lighting, that lighting is white not pink

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Lol, ok I understand everything you said. You don’t have to be so specific about it.

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The icon looks great! I would suggest making the word above “fashion” clearer and bolder.

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Then if you’re not up to criticism, I wouldn’t make a post asking for feedback.