Opinions on my Graphic?


My artwork is about the guests being upset about the removal. To show the guests’ emotions I created an octopus with red tentacles. This is my first graphic made just using a pixel-brush. I am wondering if there is anything I can improve on my first graphic.



I hope I will get some good feedback on my first graphic. If you need additional information, reply on this topic below. If you have any feedback, please leave it in the comments.

This piece of artwork was entirely used by coloring pixels. I used no render, text or other tools in the graphic.


This topic is not a joke. I was just looking for some feedback so I can upload this onto a t-shirt.

Looks… really original? I wouldn’t really call this an octopus since there’s only 6 tentacles instead of 8. I’m not sure what the two gray thingies on the bottom of the guest’s body is so I won’t be commenting on that.

If you look at the bottom of an octopus, they use those to eat food.

I do like it! I like how you used some shading on the side of the face/body. One thing that is a bit confusing is the grey beak. The creature has a beak AND a mouth, seems a bit weird. I say scratch the beak.

One thing is that the pixels are a bit jagged and don’t exactly follow a straight contour, giving the appearance of the appendages being “squished” in some areas. On the other hand, the pixels are quite large, so this is partially unavoidable.

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Looks really funny, almost like a joke image. Seriously, it’s almost like a joke image and I find it kind of good.

For improvements, it would be proportions and understanding kinematics(and applying these knowledges to art). Lack of depth, although the head is using some kind of shading with pixels. The shape is confusing but you nailed the features of it.


Overall, the graphics design doesn’t really have any form of anti-aliasing. The graphics design isn’t consistent (e.x. the tentacles are all differently shaped). As Krunnie stated:

I also question:

Sadly, I may not be able to say “other than that, this design is pretty good.” I believe you should redo this whole design, and maybe try learning more about digital art. The design is too hard to describe its problems, I’m sorry. I think you should redo this. Remember, this is all my opinion and I think you can take this design somewhere, if you redid this design.

The design itself is hilarious and got me laughing. Its definitely a good concept.

I hope this helped you, and good luck on your journey,


Make a smoother outlines? Good drawing.

@vibrantkoffing has mentioned that, it’s called anti aliasing

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