Opinions on my GUI (MacOS Bigsur)

This is the app store GUI of my upcoming game MacOs Big Sur!
I just wanted to see what your opinions are on the App Store

{i will keep updating and adding more pictures to this article as I make changes to the game}

I added “Top Apps”


That looks awesome! Well done. :clap:t3:


Looks great!

Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:


What! you made this i thought that was a screenshot of the apple store WOW.


First thing first: the icons and illustrations are very good. The UI is clean but it needs some fixes.

Immagine 2022-01-23 211521
In my opinion the background of the sidebar on the left creates a big separation from it and the other part of your UI, maybe you can make it less transparent.

The icons of the sidebar buttons don’t really match with your illustrations. Maybe make the icons more colorful?

Immagine 2022-01-23 211538
The text of the search bar is barely readable. Make it have better constrast with the background color of the search bar.

Immagine 2022-01-23 211553
All of the 3 texts are misaligned. Align them and i suggest to make the title a little bit bigger.


Don’t worry I fixed those problems recently after getting feedback on a discord server :slight_smile:


Woah! That looks exactly like my computer! I would think that’s a screenshot of the actual appstore if I didn’t know better.

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that is the smoothest and sleekest ui i’ve ever seen!!

also, what icons did you use? Those look like the Feather Icons


aww thx! I’m currently adding apps to the bottom of it so it looks more realistic

I really like that design, Im building an OS myself, and i’m definitely taking inspiration from this.

I only see one problem that wasn’t spotted yet.
Screenshot 2022-01-23 3.17.04 PM

It’s a little off-centered and you should add a frame that has the same color without UICorner, it will make it look more like it’s part of the window


It looks great, I would do a little bit more though, Mostly certain aspects look very bad like the search bar coloring does not look the best with the theme of the page being a more light color, I believe that there should be a more lightish backdrop around the different categories/subsections of the page as well as the search bar, for the rest I also feel that everything below the search bar needs to go down a bit more, this will add some more alignment to the page as well as adding some more open space instead of cramming everything in one section, I feel that the way everything is spaced is very well done! You are an extremely skilled individual!

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wouldn’t you get Dmca takedown by apple if you do that?

This is super cool! Really thorough!

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As long as I don’t publish it I think I’m okay

Amazing, this really looks like a tab on a mac xd

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