Opinions on my house?

I’ve been building this house and I was wondering what I could change or improve to make it better. I’d love to hear some feedback and opinions on the build. Thank you.


The house has a very nice build. However the plants throw off the design. The tree is too straight and the leaves look quite off as well as the grass and the leaves(?). The texture of the bricks is only seen in one area(unsure if intended), for consistency, cover the whole house with the texture, or just remove it entirely.

There also seems to be a back yard? Would be nice if you provided more photos for us to give better feedback.


Gotta say the house is very well done, like what you did with it put the trees don’t really work! my opinion is you should make like one of these tree but simple.c4a130015fd31e5f20b6e7d32b2398c1

But for know the house is really good like all the details you did with it great work and i hope this help you,and just like @wevetments said we would like more photos!!


Okay, so heres some more pictures.

The backyard

Another angle

Yeah, I was thinking that the plants were looking a little off. I’m new to making plants and stuff like that and I wasn’t really sure what direction to go in with those.

It was supposed to be like an accent to the house and only wrap around that one room. I thought it looked kind of cool but I might not keep it.

Thank you for the feedback


I think you get the idea about what’s being said about the plants, because they’re out of place with the house. I agree with what Jordon said about the tree as well; the existing trees look too uniform and out of place.

In terms of the house itself, the design is fine but the one thing that is very inconsistent is the decal texture you put around the first floor window next to the garage. It looks like its supposed to be bricks or a cobblestone/limestone texture of some sort, but it doesn’t match with the rest of the design.

Also, the garage looks a little like a decal texture as well because it looks a bit stretched horizontally.

I have to say I like the way you did the shingles; they compliment the house well in colour and design.

Overall, there’s work to be done but its a very good start. Good luck finishing it!


The only two critiques I have for this build are as follows

  • The cobblestone texture on the front of the house is quite nice and I think it accents the build well, however it pops a little too much and would be a lot easier on the eyes if you set the decal’s transparency to something around 0.2 so that it blends in with the concrete texture and looks a little more natural.

  • As the other people said, the plants in this build really turn me off. I personally struggle a lot when it comes to organic things such as plants and trees so I’ve amassed my own collection of bushes and foliage and I’d suggest you do the same! If you’re just starting out, don’t be ashamed to look around the toolbox for other people’s trees to recreate them or take your own spin on them. Of course, I wouldn’t recommend using free models in your final product but they can always be a source of inspiration when you’re stumped!

Other than these two points, I think this is looking quite good and I can’t wait to see the improvements you make to it!

Hope this helped, if you have any more questions feel free to reply to this post or DM me at NoirSplash#9360 on Discord. :v:


I don’t really like this part of the house. I think it would be better without that texture or by making the decal a bit transparent. Also the trees and the plants look a bit unrealistic.
A bit of improvement and it will look very good!


To customize how stretched out the garage is, refer to the steps below:

  1. Copy the decal link
  2. Replace the decal with a Texture

From there, you can customize the StudPerTileU and StudPerTileV, and you can easily change the color, or the ‘decal ambience.’


Decal: 04%20AM



You could give the path leading towards the door some textures. ex: cobblestone.

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It’s a really nice build, however the pavement, plants, and that (cobble?) texture on the most outward part of the home all seem out of place while not matched to the rest of the home. Very good work!


This house is very nice. From your screenshot, I can’t tell if the windows are glass or smooth plastic, but just transparent. If it isn’t glass, I’d recommend you change the windows to that. I also recommend you remove the decals of the grass if you wish to add some more detail to the build. So in replacement, you should build grass, or maybe use the grass generator plugin, if you can find one. Or you can build your own grass! Those are just my opinions. Pretty good so far though, I love what you did with the roof, makes it look very realistic.

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I gotta say, the house itself looks great. But as someone already mentioned, the vegetation(trees, plants) sort of throw off the design. Maybe also turn on shadowmapping and add some post processing to make it look nicer.

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The house looks great! I think someone mentioned this, but you should not use decals for the plants or trees. Good luck!

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Looks really nice. I’m liking the roof tiles especially. As well as the brick wall in the front, giving it some taste. Great design.


There is one thing, The lighting is all off, I am guessing that it is the colours, I can’t tell because I am viewing this on my tablet. Also, try modelling plants and not using flat textures.