Opinions on my Obby's Spawn

Hey everyone, I’m making a hard obby and I just finished the lobby/spawn.

I’d appreciate feedback and what I could do to make it better.


Create stages is the next thing I would do. If your going for a difficulty chart, then make stages that are easy but get harder and harder as you go on. You should decide a theme as well. Maybe just a basic difficulty chart. Or maybe you want to go above and beyond and make the most unique obby there is. Good luck!

(I made working guis and stuff before I made the actual obby as I don’t want to build all the stages and then make donate, instant respawn, etc.)

Not bad, especially if this is an early project.

The actual spawn:

  • Maybe add some walls around the outside.
  • Add some colour! Make it more visually appealing rather than grey and black, it stands out better.
  • The text is also a little hard to read, maybe make it shorter. Kids will be playing your game, and they won’t read much of it for long.
  • The more fun and exciting it is, the better and more visits it will be/have.

Make more of the game though so you know the theme, rather than just working THAT around the lobby.

Yeah, I’m not going for the difficulty chart obby type. I’m going for more of a difficult obby type, the first stage is like 11 or 12 stud jumps. I think I’ll come back to the lobby later, as I cant wait to begin the stages lol.

Thanks! I’ll keep all of those things in mind, but I made the obby go for more of a grey and black feel for the game because its a hard obby and when I think of the word “Arduous” I think of not very appealing colours. Also I don’t think i’ll add walls around the outside as it may make the game feel a little too small.

Also, what do you mean shorter writing? Are you talking about the signs at the first stage or the GUIs?

I appreciate all this advice.

Yep, the signs at the start - it seems like a big wall of text that could be shortened down.

As for the walls, they don’t have to be big walls, just a small fence boundary at knee height may improve the look. It just looks a little incomplete without, if you understand me.

Ah yes, I understand what you mean by the walls now. I’ll try and shorten the text and give you a screenshot after.

I didn’t really shorten the text a whole lot but I did make some of the words a little easier to read.

I also really like the fence.

Does the map look better now? :upside_down_face:

By sure better. Personally I’m still not a massive fan of the colours, but then again it’s your game, and whatever you are happy with should be used. Needless to say, I do like the style of the game and the bit in the middle (that I guess is where you spawn in on).

Best of luck with the future of your game!

Thank you so much, goodbye!! :yum:

Sorry to disturb you again but do you know whats innapropriate about

:anger: Welcome to Arduous Obby! :anger:

This is a difficult obby that some may find hard to complete, but do not rage quit as you don’t make progress when you’re not even trying.

Press R To Reset on the spot; sorry mobile players.

To show your support you can donate 10, 100 and 1000 robux. It means a lot as I spent a long time making this.

And what I can change to make it allowed

Where is it being flagged as inappropriate? Could it be the numbers?

Nevermind I removed the numbers part and its fine

Yeah it was the numbers, sorry to disturb you. Thats all

People have already said this, but I just want to reiterate it I guess and agree with them.

Looks good, however a few notes of constructive criticism would be that the colors are a bit dull, and it would maybe look better with more color. Also, the text is a little much. Maybe cut down on that.

One thing I don’t think anyone has said yet though:
In the GUI, none of the text is centered within their respective shapes. I’d change that to make it more visually appealing.

Other than that, lookin’ good. Keep it up. :upside_down_face:

Also, if you don’t cut down on the words on the sign, you still should fix some of the grammar on it just so it’s not confusing (i.e “There is donate at the side…”, “Welcome to (the) Arduous Obbi”)

Edit: spelling