Opinions on this hat

Hello Robloxians!

I have been seeing a lot of posts on twitter, and some on the developer forum about UGC hats, so I decided to make my own hat! Sadly, I am not in the UGC program. When UGC opens up to more players, I plan to submit this hat to Roblox to be added on their catalog.

Don’t have to worry about wood grain on this one WoodReviwer


I can’t tell what it is, but it looks like the player’s head is halfway sunk into a cross section of an avocado. lol


First of all, lovely hat. It has potential, but it is in need of more detail in my opinion. Such as textures.


Your “Avocado Hat” is very amazing, i like how you added the shape of a avocado on a person i think this hat is decent, as well the details. That’s implemented to your hat is on point! However there is a couple of things i’ll add to your (Avocado Hat) so it could look. More detailed and improved a lot more overall. I would recommend you add some texture. to it so it could look more like a avocado. Anyways You have done a incredible job on your hat!

Avocado Hat
Know your avocado hat looks very decent like the shape, color, design, that it haves i think it looks really good. However i would recommend you add those (Seed Holes) so the head could be in something instead of having! His head sunk into the avocado it would look, a lot more decent if you implement that to. Your hat and the “Flesh” of the avocado i’ll add a different, color to the flesh part instead of having it a! Light green color as mostly avocados they have, a lighter color implemented. To the flesh part you could, add all different kinds of colors such as cream silk, green umber, lighting white, barley, pale avocado, ect. Try doing something like that as that’s what mostly on other! Avocados (In Real Life) if you plan on keeping it the, color that it is it’s alright i would maybe add other. Colors onto the flesh part consider doing something! Like that overall i think the avocado, looks amazing and detailed!!

So your avocado needs some texture implement to it, as by looking at yours it doesn’t seem to have no texture on the (Skin Part) i’ll add some. So it could look more like a avocado i would recommend you add a Bumpy Texture, Seamless Patterns, brown skin, green bumpy skin, ect. Those are the kind of textures you could try adding to your avocado to bring it out more so it could be improved but mostly avocados have a bumpy kind of texture implemented to it so i would recommend you add one of those textures i list above but i would suggest you add the bumpy skin to your hat just to give it some more details to it. However i believe it’s still being worked on and it does look like a amazing hat i’ll purchase.

Anyways, you have done amazing job on your 'Avocado Hat" i believe it’s still being worked on these. Are just other textures i listed above you, could add to your hat to look more! Improved but it still looks very decent, can’t wait to see more of. Your work very and the updated version of your hat overall you have done a impressive job on it. Anyways keep it up!

Sorry you don’t know what it is. He probably didn’t mention it in his post that! Tells what kind of hat it is, but it’s a (Avocado Hat) he recently. Made for the UGC program!


Looks pretty cool but the black outer layer disturbs the look. It could be used for classic avatars like back in 2012.

I think it looks quite nice how it is without textures, It has a nice cartoony theme to it. Although I’m sure a textured version would look great too. Maybe he should make two seperate versions. 1 textured/ more realistic and one more cartoony.


I somewhat agree with this, I don’t know if it’s just the lighting or if it’s meant to be black but other than that it looks awesome. I would definitely buy it!

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Don’t make the avocado go straight down to the torso, let it have an angle just as of it was an actual avocado laying on a table and your little robloxian head was the nut inside of it.

Lmao, this hat is just… :clap:
Anyways, the skin of an avocado isn’t black?
They’re more of a very dark brown.
The way I see it though, this hat has loads of potential so good job!
Keep it up. :slight_smile:

I’m gonna assume that the player’s head is supposed to be the pit i side of an avocado?

I like the shape and all but there seems to be no texture and it looks pretty boring.

I would try to find a rough texture for the ouside at least.