Opinions on this Map? v2

Hey ya’ll, I’m back after finally getting time to continue building. I’ve added a new little spot to the island and I also spaced out the trees more as it was recommended the most on the last post.

(For those who haven’t seen the first post, definitely check it out to see before and after)

Here are the most recent images, the most notable changes include a cool little beach section that I thought was just a fun little thing I can add. I also spaced out the trees a bit more, I’m still on the border whether or not if they need to space them out. And the final thing added was like a second layer of the surrounding mountains that I feel just makes it looks overall better.

Looking for more suggestions to add, specifically on how I should add in more nature-based stuff like rocks and bushes into the forest area without making them look awkward. Im open to any suggestions since I’m just trying to overall improve here.


(Im probably gonna be using devforums as a log just because I like hearing all types of feedback from ya’ll)

waw good job maybe you can add some lights?

Yea I’m thinking to make some torches for the beach and stuff

I really like the map! You did an amazing job to it. The only questionable things I can see is the amount of green in your world. There are a lot of trees cluttered around the map, that you could probably remove. (make it a bit more realistic instead of trees in every inch) This may also just be me, but your world looks a bit bright. Might want to turn the brightness down a bit.

The atmosphere/sky looks odd and could use some adjustments. Consider a Sky Box or something else instead. It looks really teal and unordinary.

Lastly, if this is incomplete and you are looking for feedback, next time post this in #help-and-feedback:building-support.

None of the less, great job!


You actually just made me realize I’ve had my brightness on half because I honestly didn’t think it wasn’t that bright till I put it on max lol. Will definitely tone it down, and ya I am leaning towards to removing more trees, but its also whether I should keep them the same size or enlarge them

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Looks pretty good, I would say you could use some variety in the trees tho, other than that, great job!

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