Opinions on this new game style

(17) Fight grandmas with a bat simulator - Roblox

This is my game and it has the game style of “choose character play die and redo”.

There are only a few games like this and is a really underrated style!

My game idea is slightly from the game Spider Sim 2 but just the style. The game idea itself is obviously way different XD.

Just tell me if its better to have this or just say a gui where you pick your grandma or even just auto spawn as a grandma. I am also thinking about advertising the game and seeing if it does better this style or any other. Thanks! :smiley: - Lux


I cant play the game rn but all I can say is the concept of beating grandmas with bats is well a bit too much for a fighting game on roblox… though that’s just my oppinion.


xD yeah now its styled as “Comedy”

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I’m gonna be completely honest with my opinion, as I’m sorry if it does sound harsh. I honestly don’t think this game will last long.


There is a rule asked not to target harassment, now you are not really target harassment but I feel like it violates Roblox’s rules and that a lot of people would fine it offesnive. Like why would you do it a Seinor? Think about it in real life.



I do think it is a good concept, I just think it is gonna get hate. As do what you think what is right, and what the players would think, and make sure you make it more enjoyable. To me it is kind of boring. Just make sure you keep the players active in the game and to come back to it, like how the other Popular games do for example:

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I would most likely see what they add for example, why would they add it, how long did it to take them, how would it impact the players. Think about what the players want, as they aren’t all gonna telll you.

Other than that I think it is a good game, like I said just do what you think would make the players happy and want to come back to it. Think outside the box. You got this!


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Yes thank you so much! I can assure you though its way more fun when there are like 11 people in the server at once XD. Just more like stuff to do obv. There are secrets that you can find and unlock but yeah totally I am going to make TONS of updates if the game does well :stuck_out_tongue: . Rn its pretty mEh but maybe if I add quests and like npcs + map changes + cool stuff it will do better XD. Thanks for the long response though! And I do agree it might get some hate but its a somewhat funny game idea and I feel by reading the title you shouldn’t get mad after you join the game XD and realise yes you actually do fight other grandmas. Thanks again m8! - Lux :smiley:


It gets boring when there is nobody else in game to play with, and the game is repetitive.

The map is also very bland. Consider making a new map or adding some things to the existing one.

You need to add something to make the game more interesting.


This is one of my other games and I’ve tried to build a small community for it but overall its pretty successful. (17) Be Crushed By A Speeding Wall 3! [GIANT PETS!] - Roblox. Yet somehow idk why but these bigger games always make less robux per visit than the small games such as fgwabs.

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Yeah for sure!! XD did u find grandma zomb-zomb yet? Lol yeah but I agree map is a bit bland. I will 100% make like more maps that are selected in a round map system.


The reason I think my game will do alright is because games such as “animal simualtor” or “spider sim 2” both have the same game “style” and have done REALLY REALLY well. They are repetitive too though!


What you thinking now but, lol it has 900 likes

Ayo, I guess you were right cough 130k visits