Opinions on Zombie skin

Hey there!

So i’m making skins for my game, and this is the first one i’m making.

I would appreciate opinions on what iv’e done so far on this zombie skin and what i can improve on. Please note that the body parts are MeshParts.

Here’s the default skin: (would also appreciate on opinions on this and what i could improve on)

Here’s the zombie skin:


I’m not sure what type of zombie that’s supposed to be, but it looks pretty awesome! It looks like some kind of deformed monster zombie. This and a cool zombie crawling animation would look awesome.


Make it have blood and some bones poking out of it


This is one of the most creative zombies I’ve ever seen in my life! Looking a lot like an SCP. But, well, you could add bones coming out of his skin, and a little blood, as @Crazedbrick1 said, and I have a question: What does this Neon Part in his hand mean?

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I sort of like the default skin however I feel like the bones there holding are a bit of place maybe have them connected inside the skin instead of the arms holding repetitive objects maybe add different shapes and heights all bones aren’t the same if you know what I mean.

Your model is pretty decent and splendid. Well done on creating this it kinda looks like a ball of arms coming out of the ground something seen in a movie once, maybe having heads coming out could possibly improve it instead of just arms the realistic approach you went for is good however if users are going to be wearing this it will kinda float in the air? Or will they be crawling.

The model is good however maybe add some sort of curve or different angles so the arms don’t look repetitive however. It isn’t a big problem I really think the arms should be given more variation and the bones.

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Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately, the monster will not be crawling because of how difficult that would be and awkward it would seem, so it’ll just be floating.

In addition, when designing this monster, i didn’t really want a head, because of how the monster doesn’t really have an identity (I also tried it out with a head but it was too much). Also what do you mean when you say ‘the arms should be given more
variation’. Do you mean the size, the colour, the overall design?

I’ll take your really nice ideas into consideration such as the variation of objects the zombie is holding.

Anyway, thanks for the reply. I really appreciate it! :+1:

It’s nice but I’m not exactly sure how this resembles a zombie :laughing:

Its not meant to be a zombie, rather its the monster but what it would look like if it were a zombie if that make sense to you. Say for example a spider zombie, its not meant to represent a zombie (because a zombie is pretty much a human) , but its mean’t to have the zombie aspect to it. If you still don’t understand ill be happy to clarify. :+1:

Sorry if I didn’t make it clear in my response.


Yes, I’m more talking about the size from my point of view they sort of feature the same curved arms, maybe have some going straight or a few of them peeking out of the skin something like that could work.

However I don’t know if the back of the monster is different since I can’t get a good look at it a good example is in the image you see it features a few of them having curved arms while the others are turned or peeking out however it isn’t a big problem it’s just something you could take if needed.

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Oh i get it now. I’ll try my best to make more different arms! :+1:

Btw here the back of the monster:

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It looks very good for a zombie skin, but maybe if you could make it look a bit more green as it looks kind of grey. Also maybe a head or multiple heads I’m not sure could add to the zombie kind of feel for this. I think it looks great and I love how it’s holding those bones. Great job on this :+1:

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If that was in a horror game, it would ACTUALLY be a horror game, unlike most “horror” games on roblox.

Thank you. This is a topic which was really important for me when deciding how i want my game to be. Developers not stepping up to make their game more horror and less cartoon is a massive problem in horror games in roblox these days.

They seem to misjudge the border between scary but fun and too scary, too much. For my game i’m trying to push that border slightly more to the too scary, but not too much. For example piggy, you’re literally running away from a cartoon looking pig. I would be more terrified playing life in paradise. I think pushing the boundaries slightly, really makes the game more intense, however it is a is a big risk, but a risk i’m willing to take to hopefully set higher standards in upcoming horror games.

Thanks for acknowledging this issue, i hope game developers start to recognise this issue people like you and me want fixed. :+1:

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I’ll change the colour of the zombie skin for sure but i’m not so sure about the head. I wan’t for the monsters to be seen as a thing, an emotion, not an actual person with an identity, hence me not adding the head in the first place. In addition, iv’e tried putting a head on the monster, just for curiosity, put it’s too much, just on the looks by itself (and i can’t imagine how much work i’d need to put in to animate every position of the face every frame on all animations).

Thank you for the help! :+1:

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Lovely creation, I would suggest working on the blood. It kind of looks like a crayon, but I suggest making it look more “smoother”


Is it the texture of the blood that is making it look like a crayon or possibly the transparency?

I would be happy to change the texture but i set the transparency to be like that because if you were this monster you wouldn’t want to stare at heavy blood pouring out of you for 10 minutes straight. (At least that’s what i think people want)

Thanks for the help! :+1:

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I see it as the texture making it look crayon-y.

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