Optimal ways to use a Web server as Backups


What I’m trying to achieve
I’m attempting to achieve using web servers as backups for when datastores fails during an outage or whatnot. I’d like to utilise this into my game once I’ve got some infrastructure.
I do have some knowledge in PHP- wouldn’t say a lot but enough to understand some things. Will make myself afresh with this thread

I want to know the best ways in terms of performance and efficiency to handle data for when it fails, how to store it in a web server and to retrieve it comes back up.

I’m quite a newbie to web development since I barely do this sort of stuff- but do it from time to time.

Any suggestion is appreciated!



If what you’re trying to do is backup data; You can always save a copy somewhere. For example, every hour, save a dataStore file under the name “Time:Day:Year” with their userid. Then, use another dataStore to save the data of were the backups are stored. Then, If data is lost, you can load backups.



OP is asking how to use web servers to backup data though, so this doesn’t answer their question. If the main DataStore fails due to an error on the backend, so will a backup DataStore. There’s no guarantee that a backup DataStore is reliable either, since it has the potential to experience the same shortcomings as the primary DataStore.

If you’re referencing the workflow of DataStore2, then I suppose that could work. At that point, you might as well just use the module itself. Still wouldn’t answer the question though.



I was trying to suggest an alternate solution; Thought I do understand what you are saying.



I’m trying to stay away from datastore2 just to get more variety.
But yeah, basic examples would just shed light for my understanding.



If you ever think about using google spreadsheets as a database, be careful;

I might put together an Airtable module/tutorial when I get home.



I don’t intend to use google spreadsheets but thank you!

I hear that spreadsheets doesn’t have any better requests than what Datastores have.



Spreadsheets doesn’t have any internal throttling iirc, but using an online database moves the limit to 500/min, the HTTP service request limit.

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