Optimization for Textures on Parts?

In my game, I put wall textures into parts. But what should be the parts’ properties?
If only the texture is visible, and the part not, should the part be:
Transparency 1 or 0?
What material?

Thanks in advance

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There are plenty of pre-existing posts on optimization for building and parts. I recently have written a collection of tips and tricks compacted into one post:

Again, there are other ones you can find by just searching.

I know this is a late response, but this isnt really helpful. Both of these topics just say that you should put textures only on the face of the part that is visible (which Im already doing) and that Transparency 1 and 0 are less heavy than for instance Transparency 0.5

But this still doesnt answer my question, Im pretty sure that Textures and Decals cast shadows and stuff, so I still dont know the best solution

If you read the second one, it talks about only putting textures on sides where should be viewed for a part. Lastly, for textures just make sure the file size is small when uploading it to Roblox and try to reuse textures. That’s really all you can do.

The first one talks about best properties for parts under the Building category.