Optimizing battery life?

Is there any practical ways I can reduce battery use in my game? I want my game to be able to be played without being constantly plugged in.


Ummm well first off battery life is something that is caused by something that uses allot of memory and power. So the more actions you have that the phone has to run so the player can see it on their screen causes a high level of battery usage. I don’treally see any other way hen decreasing graphics…

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Optimized performance = minimal battery usage. Learn how to make your game run optimally in general and the result will be less battery usage on mobile devices.


Make sure your client side code is optimized, reduce how much data you are sending from remotes, and reduce the amount of things on screen such as particle effects, parts and textures/decals. Useful stats can be found under the Performance Stats part of the Settings menu.

Optimal memory usage for mobile should be ~200/300 MB
Optimal network receive usage for mobile should be (For all platforms < 60KB/s) ~25 KB/s

CPU and GPU usage for most new phones will stay around 15-16 ms, so make sure they don’t get any higher than this, especially if you want your game to not be hidden from the games page (https://developer.roblox.com/articles/Monitoring-Games-for-Crashes-and-Performance-Filtering).


Thanks for all the responses. I marked @wravager’s reply as the solution because his seemed to go into detail the most.

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Memory usage doesn’t increase the amount of power being used (since the entire RAM card is activated from the time the computer boots). Calculations and operations, such as copying things to and from memory, on the other hand, do increase battery usage.

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