Optimizing roblox studio app?

I tried searching for how to optimize it, but only thing I find is how to optimize a roblox game, I want to optimize roblox studio on my pc so it runs at a better framerate. Currently im working with lots of terrain and a big map, and my fps is good on average but about each 0.5 seconds when I’m pressing W and moving with the camera there is a small lag spike. And it keeps happening all the time.

Is there some settings in roblox studio I could enable to optimize my developing experience? or anything else that could help

(Correct me if I’m wrong), but the lag spikes you experience may be due to insufficient RAM. Although there are other ways to generally optimize the performance of studio via it’s settings.


In here you can change the graphics, which may help your performance.
If this didn’t make sense, this can help you.

Hope this helps!

what are your specs, i think lil bro is rocking 4gb or ram or something


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32gb ram, im pretty sure its NOT a problem with the ram, theres just too much stuff in the game to render

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what drr tho

if its not the ram, try going into the rendering settings and tweak some options there and it should be fine