Option To Allow Only Group Members Access To Social Links

First of all, big thanks to Roblox for allowing social links in groups. Was waiting for that for awhile for a group I run. However, I would like to see what I mentioned in the title added as an option.

I suspect most people want their social links as public as possible, but for something like Discord, I would like the link to the one I run to only be accessible to group members, who have to request to join the group, as it’s meant for those specific people. I’d prefer not to have a bunch of random people joining, as well as troll accounts who would be annoying to moderate.

Hope you consider.


While this says for only group members this topic is closest as I could get to what I wanted. I would like to see this as well as being able to make tiered social links; so I can make a Discord server invite only accessible to group members with a certain role or higher in the group. I don’t want just anyone being able to join that is a group member.

Please consider this!!!