Option To Cancel All VIP Servers At Once

As a Roblox user, I would find it extremely helpful to add a feature where you can cancel all VIP server subscriptions at once, instead of having to find the game, and individually cancel the subscription. If this feature was added, it would not replace the original one at a time method, as someone might just want to cancel one VIP server but keep the others. But this will be extremely helpful for those wanting to save Robux by cancelling all VIP servers. Not only will this be useful, but it will be timesaving and much easier than having to do it the traditional way, one at a time.


Totally agree that this is really important! Once I saw that Robux were being slowly drained from my account, and I thought that I had been hacked. Turns out I just forgot to cancel some old VIP servers. Some other features that should be added with this:

  • Add a list of currently running VIP servers.
  • Add a log of VIP payments somewhere on the transactions page.
  • Add notifications when VIP server payments are due soon/VIP servers are disabled by the developer.

This still needs to be added, people, do your thing.


5 months later, still needs to be added

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This NEEDS to be a feature asap, I’ve heard many stories of people losing Robux over this, and I don’t want it to happen to me or anyone else.

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Add this already??? Roblox what are you doing.

I think the optimal solution is adding one page dedicated to private servers that lists active subscriptions, their current cost, and renew date (similar to what Roblox has done with subscriptions).

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