Option to disable fuzzy matching for intellisense

The problem
Trying to access: workspace.Characters
so you write: workspace.Cha

Then intellisense suggests:

It’s honestly not even close.

Can an option be added to disable this ‘intelligent’ system and have the suggestions ranked by normal word similiary instead?


I think the word for this is “fuzzy matching”, so I put that in the title here.


I think your suggestion would be better to have, or they could try improving how intellisense works . - and also possibly improve on how the autocorrect system handles FindFirstChild() and WaitForChild() variables.

I’ve had this issue happen numerous times when I have something called “SystemResources” in my plugin, but it’s not even at the top of suggestions - it’s somewhere near the bottom, and the things at the top are stuff like “ChildAdded” and stuff like that. Really confused on why that’s happening.