Option to Disable UI Editor

I’m running into the exact issues listed in both of those threads. This really needs to be a thing. Working on fine/detailed UI is SUPER ANNOYING because you have to constantly select and deselect a UI element just to see your changes.

Roblox please, we really need an official way to turn this off. I’m trying to see how different fonts look on a GUI and the editor is so much in the way I can’t see what each font looks like without having to deselect the UI to see the effect and then reselect every time I want to change the font to check the next one :rage:


This doesnt seem to work anymore. Working on UI is impossible for me, any time I hover my mouse on my workspace I get this:

If any UI element is selected the second I move my mouse in the game window it thinks I want to drag it and its unavoidable. It makes working on UI for me a mine field. A giant game window sized minefield. Undoing only works 50% of the time.

I’ve removed any trace of UIEditor.rbxm from both roblox and roblox studio in my local files. Its still there and still broken.

Remove this broken, awful editor.


I had temporarily fixed this issue but anytime studio updates it comes back. Having to clear my entire roblox installation just to update is very frustrating. Remove the UI Editor.

I’m facing the exact same issue. It’s an incredible pain; almost impossible to edit UI. By any chance are you also a Mac user, or is this affecting PC too?

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Until Roblox removed all known ways to get builtins or until another patch is found, I had written a mod to the UIEditor.rbxm to get around which utiliises a setting inside the shared plugin settings file (A settings file that is shared across local plugins and builtins)

	local setting = plugin:GetSetting("UIEditorEnabled")
	if setting == false then
		plugin:SetSetting("UIEditorEnabled", true)
local plugin, settings = plugin, settings

local versionString = "v1.1"

-- Module scripts
local ActionMediator		= require(script.Parent.ActionMediator)
local CoreGuiManager		= require(script.Parent.CoreGuiManager)
local DoubleClickDetector	= require(script.Parent.DoubleClickDetector)
local FFlag					= require(script.Parent.FFlag)
local RotationBox			= require(script.Parent.RotationBox)
local Rubberband			= require(script.Parent.Rubberband)
local SizeBox				= require(script.Parent.SizeBox)
local DistanceLinesManager	= require(script.Parent.DistanceLinesManager)
local TextEditor			= require(script.Parent.TextEditor)

I know it’s not a perfect solution and doesn’t scale but it was a temporary fix until Roblox did something.


Should mention that my plugin has some options for disabling the GUI overlay from the UI Editor. Cannot disable the dragging behavior though.


This is affecting PC. I had been using @Maximum_ADHD’s mod manager to obliterate the UI Editor by giving studio a blank rbxm file of the same name as the ui editors but somehow the ui editor managed to sneak its way back in and the mod manager no longer works. Can someone please just fix this issue :frowning: It’s making game development almost impossible at this point.

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Try replacing the optimized version?

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It’s so frustrating and equally stupid that there’s no way to disable this. Renaming the file every single time an update happens which is roughly once per week shouldn’t be considered a “fix”. If Roblox has users that want to disable something that is quite frankly, completely optional to use… it should come with a viable method to disable it. I am fine with it being in my toolbar but having it show up in every waking moment anytime I deal with UIs or god forbid, my nightmares, I dislike.

Please fix this. It’s been 3 years. Enough is enough.


Is the dragging behaviour built into the Gui engine itself? I deleted the UI Editor plugin and my Guis are still getting arbitrarily selected and dragged whenever I’m trying to work on Guis. It’s incredibly infuriating and distracting.

I’m spending precious development time constantly undoing drags and it just keeps sinking my mouse. I don’t get why, not sure if it’s a bug or what. If I reselect a Gui I’ve previously edited after clicking in the world editor, the Gui just gets dragged around permanently. I never even clicked the Gui but it just enables dragging anyway and messes up my positioning.

We need this feature please. This is making interface development more challenging than it needs to be and there’s never a case where I ever want to use this feature, it’s not helpful to me at all. One of the most frustrating features shipped to the platform with weirdly no way to get rid of it.


Interesting. At least of MacOS, removing the two UIEditor.rbxm files completely disables this functionality. Perhaps this is a Windows-specific quirk, or maybe there are other supporting files in that platform that also have to be removed.

The UI Editor makes it literally impossible to edit small UI elements, somewhat ironically.

It’s such a monstrosity in size that it is literally larger than many of the smaller buttons and such that I’d want to change. It is absolutely abhorrent.


Is there still no way to disable this? I never even use the UI Editor as I’ve been making UI far before this was introduced and it’s a huge blocker for me at times, especially when working with small buttons and text (image related)


Hehe, I found it out!


Source code for the plugin
local CoreGui = game.CoreGui
local toolbar = plugin:CreateToolbar('GibusWielder')
local toolbar_button = toolbar:CreateButton("Remove UI editor", "Attempts to remove the UI editor, if it didn't work the first time", "rbxassetid://10281560445")

local function removeEditor()
	if CoreGui:FindFirstChild('RobloxGUIEditor') then
		local editor = CoreGui.RobloxGUIEditor
		if editor:FindFirstChild('ValueBoxes') then
			editor.ValueBoxes.Enabled = false
		if editor:FindFirstChild('DistanceLines') then
			editor.DistanceLines.Enabled = false


	if child.Name == 'RobloxGUIEditor' then

Edit: fixed the plugin not working when you restart studio

Though… this shouldn’t be the final solution. Roblox should definitely implement this as me, and a lot of other people are not too big of a fan of the UI editor.

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