Option to display front instead of right on Attachments

When I select an attachment, I want to know where it’s pointing. Showing me which way the right face is is just extra overhead for me who wants to know where the attachment is pointing (front). It’d be great if I could have the attachment point to the front instead of the right.

Left: Current; Right: What I’d like to see:


It's displaying the Axis and SecondaryAxis properties. Set Axis to 0,0,1.

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How will switching Axis from <1,0,0> to <0,0,-1> affect the behavior of the Attachment? I imagine that property serves some purpose.

It depends on what type of constraint you’re using. I think the general design is that Axis defines a direction that the two bricks use to fit together, and SecondaryAxis is different depending on what kind of constraint you’re using. There must be a wiki page somewhere.

I was actually more concerned with how it affects an Accessory.

After some testing it looks like with Accessories, Attachments are the equivalent of a weld between Attachment0 and Attachment1s’ parents with the C0 as Attachment0’s CFrame and the C1 as Attachment1’s CFrame. Meaning so long as I set both of their primary axes to front, they’ll just cancel each other out. I tweaked all of them so that their axes are all front, and I’m not seeing any sort of issue. It seems as long as I make sure they match, I can set the primary axis to anything I want.