Option to flag a post multiple times

Currently, there’s the option to flag a topic after it has been flagged.

After you report a post you receive this message:


but users can use the flag option multiple times until the post is hidden by using the option below:



The menu also doesn’t include the “Off-topic” option.

Don’t worry after you try to actually flag it, you get an error.

Expected Behavior:

The option to flag should disappear completely after it was already flagged by the user to avoid any inconveniences.

Hope you’re doing well.

This is most likely a discourse issue and not something that can be fixed by the devforum staff, it seems just to be terrible UX by discourse. I’d file a bug at discourse meta:

I was able to reproduce it at try.discourse.org.


We likely won’t be able to prioritize a fix for this or follow up with Discourse ourselves since it is quite an edge case and a front-end-only quirk. Feel free to bring this up with Discourse yourself on the link above. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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