Option to move instances to a new folder

It’s currently too slow to create new folders and instantly move instances inside of it. This impacts my building speed as I like to keep my parts organized via folders and groups. It would be great if we could have an option to group instances via a new folder that is created. This feature, of course, would work for any other object in both the game window and in the explorer. This would work the same way as with grouping parenting-wise (if this action were done in ServerStorage the folder would not be created in Workspace).



If this feature were added it would make mine and probably many others’ lives easier. If this is already a feature please let me know! Thank you.

@csqrl provides an excellent example of what I’m requesting. Thank you! For now, I will be using this plugin, but I still want there to be an official implementation.


It’s not a built in feature (tmk), but plugins can serve as a temporary means of accomplishing that action until an official implementation is added.