Options For External Databases With Roblox

I started looking into Roblox datastores, and I wondered if there is a way to use a database such as MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc. in place of Roblox’s datastore. I saw some info on that on the devforum and online, but not much.

What options are there for using databases, and how does this work with Roblox? And, do you have to pay to host the data yourself, or would it be stored in the Roblox servers, without having to pay for anything?

I’ve been learning MS SQL Server along with Roblox lua, so I though it would be interesting to combine both skills. Thanks for any info!


Hosting your own database is your own expense. You would use HttpService to send the data to your server and fetch existing data.

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Please, use, the, search, bar! Don’t say you couldn’t find anything because I literally just answered this question!

Anyways yes there is a way to use an external database with HTTPService. You do have to pay for your own hosting if you get an external one that isn’t free. Roblox servers are free to use without paying for anything but can only be accessed via the game.


To add on to what Spencer said above. Believe me I’ve looked and if you do come across a free database hosting service, odds are it will be a development-testing database, it is not recommended or should be used in any project release. Servers do very in price based on the actual worth of the database and the provider but if you are just wanting it to make life easier without being able to afford the expenses(which can be quite high for someone who hasn’t really earned a huge amount of success) then odds are your best bet is to stick with ROBLOX Datastores and if by some stroke of success you can afford a database in the future(or now, who knows?) well then it’s at your own expense. :slight_smile:

I too was incredibly interested in this a while back. You could benefit from it in theory if you can pay the incredible sum. but good luck anyhow! :slight_smile:

I do think people greatly underestimate how just utterly amazing Roblox Datastores are. They are providing a free database with virtually infinite storage and a set amount of limits per player. They are well maintained and are kept up almost always. They allow you to store almost anything really.

Yes there are a few bumps in the road here and there, but for what it’s worth, it’s quite the deal.

So when people hold up external databases like they’re a trophy of purity and are moving away from the chains and shackles of Roblox, it’s really kinda just an illusion of normality.

There are proxys that are free actually, which is pretty sweet :wink: