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When you are creating a game it’s best to organise your workspace so it can easily be accessed by yourself and others. I have created a plugin which allows you to organise your workspace easily in one click. I have been using this for a while and thought I should release it as plugin for anyone else that will need it.

How it works?

The way it works is there is an initial folder called “GameFolder” and within this folder it separated by the class of the instance, for example a part will be in a folder called “Part” and a Model will be in a folder called “Model”. Now, say for example you have a lot of trees, when you use the plugin it would look something like this Workspace > GameFolder > Model > Trees > All Tree Models

In-game Representation:


If you are wondering why my studio looks different check out this post by @Elttob Here.

Disclaimer: This is case-sensitive so if you have a “Tree” Model and have a “tree” model it would separate them into different Folders.




The blacklisted classes include Camera, Terrain and folders.

Folders made by the user will not be effected by this plugin.


Recently updated the plugin to add settings. There may be more in the future if needed.

Junk - This makes a junk folder, the main purpose of this is if you have lets say one class object, it will put it the junk. Better explanation is say for example you have a huge studio, and you have a random part somewhere, or you have one model, It will put that in the junk folder since there is no other class/instance like it.

Counter - This counter counts the amount of parts there are in the game, as well as the amount of folders there are. This is a widget which allows you to put it anywhere on your screen.

– So far these are the settings. In terms of management these settings should help/ assist you. Hope you enjoy!

Where do I get it?

This plugin is Free and you can get it here:

If you do encounter any bugs, please report them and I will try to resolve the issue! Thank you!
If there is anything I missed please let me know so I can add it! :smiley:

I will have a settings option soon, if you would like me to consider any possible settings please leave a reply below!


This is very well done! Due to the amount of parts in my game its a real struggle to sort everything, Thanks a lot and I can’t wait til Settings comes out!

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Thank you! Hope this helps you out!

This just makes a folder in every little section and puts the part or whatever under that, wouldn’t this just make a clutter and a big mess? Also most people would prefer to have some sort of base folder then multiple folder consisting of different things like Props or Roads…

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It’s easier to navigate, especially when you are working with a team. This is mainly for easily cleaning your workspace instead of manually doing it. If you don’t like the layout of the folder, by all means re-arrange them to your liking. This is just what I use if I have cluttered workspace and need to quickly organise it.

The aim of this plugin is to easily manage your workspace with one click. The organisation aspect is split into there respectful class. Classes are similar to categories, every instance in roblox is a class, like a model, part, sound, etc. So what this does is creates a base folder, and stores folders of each class, within the class folder it will contain the groups of items.

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It’s interesting in concept but impractical in a production-level environment. The bare minimum organisation this gives is sorting similarly-identifiable instances into folders but that can’t really be considered proper organisation for a game.

Ultimately how you organise your game is completely arbitrary and depends on your needs but it’s much more intuitive to group instances that are directly related to each other into a folder rather than just because they have the same name or something. Grouping directly related instances is much easier to navigate, it’s cleaner and more direct about what you’ll be working with in the folder.

It will be nightmarish to have to go through ten different folders just to grab instances that are still part of a larger structure or area. If your code is dependent on instances in the workspace too (not every developer will have a CollectionService-based pattern), it’d be horrible to work with.

Take a look at how Roblox organises the Suburban template place, for example:


Even to sort them later would be a little painful since you’d have to navigate through the existing organisation this plugin gives, meaning you have two levels of organisation now. That’d get confusing and cluttered very fast, meaning it’d just be better to do it right from the start without.

Interesting though.

This is more based on already messy workspace. I agree with managing it at the start should be a must. Sometimes when starting a project you don’t notice how messy it gets, and when you do realize it’s more painful to organise everything, if this is ever the case this plugin is going to be really helpful. Although the organisation system is just folders within folders, it’s a far better method than cleaning it up manually.

This is amazing! I litterly have a studio full of millions of parts and I wanted to organize them but I couldnt as that would take a LONG time! now I can use this to clean it up!

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Thanks! I’m glad this can help you!

[NEW] Settings have now been added. Go check it out!

This is really nice!

  • can you add a feature to organize only selected instances instead of the entire workspace?

(I might want to use it for a small area (Model) not the entire game for example

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Yes I think this a good suggestion, I will look into it.