Orange numbers stuck on screen

Sorry if this doesnt fit here i couldnt figure out which one would be the closest topic

since today when i opened of my project these numbers have been on here and i cant figure out how to remove them,the only plugin ive downloaded recently was blender animations but i dont think that wouldve caused this, i didnt download any softwares recently or anything either.

Maybe try to remove the plugins and then restart studios the check? Just to be safe.

Ive did that it doesnt fix it.

Somewhere in the settings page for Studio, it is most likely a debugging functionality. I’m not quite accurate on it, but it should be.

I know this may sound a little silly but have you tried to turn on and off your PC in case it is something like that? Also is it like that for other projects or just this one?

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I do not think free models can do anything about this due to the fact that there is a window in the tool box which is impossible for GUIs to do. Do you have any other plugins?

I’m pretty sure it’s a FPS counter; do you have any FPS counting software’s?