Orange Services | Bots, Hosting & More!

Hello! :wave:
My name is Donzee from Orange Services! I am here to tell you a bit about Orange Services!

What we offer:
• Pre-Coded/Custom Discord Bots - Hosted by Orange Services 24/7
We can integrate ROBLOX and Discord which is a reason we have this service!

• Cheap & Secure SSL Certificates - Turns your website URL from http:// to https://
Make sure your ROBLOX community website is secured!

• Free & Cheap Paid plans with weebly website builder right on our site!
Easily build a site for your ROBLOX Community if you don’t know HTML and CSS!

• Domain Service - Register extremely cheap domains by us!
Buy a cheap domain for your site!

• Amazing SEO Tools - Easily Increase your sites popularity!
Make your ROBLOX Community even bigger!

• We have much more!

Reply below to get our link and more!

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I’m having trouble reading this because it’s all bunched up, but it appears this is more of a service then a resource because as you stated we have to pay for it.

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There is a free weebly website plan.

This is not a community resource, this should go in #collaboration:portfolios

Firstly, this category is for free and open source stuff.

Secondly, you’re not even giving a resource; this is just an advert; go to #collaboration:portfolios for that


‘Cheap’ is not free. lets-encrypt is a free SSL certificate provider that anyone can use and is actually recognized by providers. Cloudflare is also an option.

Forgive me if I’m wrong but I didn’t see you on the ICANN registrar list.

Google provides amazing SEO tools too.

This just seems like you re-selling free or cheap services, with you tacking on additional costs for your own profit.


Moved categories! Sorry guys! I apologize!

I feel like this should go in #help-and-feedback:cool-creations since this isn’t for people to hire you.

There is no creation. It’s just a guy saying what (questionable) services he provides. Thus, a portfolio

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This category is to show your works. Not your services.

Other people told him to put it here, don’t blame him.

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Our Bots are custom coded, not from some random website.

It’s a whole team of people who have been hired or came from the beginning to provide our clients with top quality support.

Founder & Head of Marketing