Orange Vanilla Co. - Training Guide

This is the official guide for Orange Vanilla Co. Trainings.

Basic Information

  • Management+ can host trainings
  • Supervisors can only spectate trainings
  • Management Interns+ can help at trainings as helpers or trainers


All MRs+ that are planning to attend must enter the training center at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the training session.

  • It will be the host/co-host’s job to name people accordingly.
  • There is a maximum limit of four groups at trainings. If there are not enough trainees for a certain amount of groups/an excess of MRs+, then the MRs+ will be ranked as helpers/spectators.
  • Finally, once the training center is prepared, the host will have to make a shout, announcing trainings. It should look something like this:
    "[TRAININGS] I am hosting (time) (timezone) trainings down at the training center! Come on down for a chance to be promoted!"

During Trainings

This is a simple training guide for trainers and hosts alike. You may customize it however you would like, but stick to the main points.

Training Guide

Hello, and welcome to the Orange Vanilla Co. Training Center! My name is _, and I will be your host today!

Along side me, you will see my Co-Host(s). Please give them a warm welcome!

Now, before we start, I will be going over the rules. Please pay attention, as failing to follow the rules will result in punishment.

Grammar is required at all times. You will be given 3 strikes before being kicked from this session.

Trainees need 6 points to pass this session; 3 in each segment.

Junior Baristas need 8 points to pass; 4 in each segment.

Baristas need all ten points to pass this session.

Now, we will give a 3 minute period for PTS questions.

An MR+ will send you a PM, asking you what your question is. Please answer them, or your question will be ignored.

Your 3 minutes start now.

Now that our PTS segment is over, trainings will commence! Trainees, please wait until you are brought to a station by your trainer!


Greetings! I am _, and I will be your trainer today!

Today, I am joined by my helper, _. Please give them a warm welcome!

(Helper introduces self)

Before we begin today, here is some information that will be vital to your success.

We have 3 segments: Ordering, Trivia, and Trolling.

For the sake of points, Trivia and Trolling will count as one segment.

If we order an iced drink in the Ordering segment, make sure to add ice first.
When entering the kitchen, you are to wear the uniform. Not doing so will result in a warning.

Any questions before we begin?

Great! Let’s start!

(Trainee orders first 3 times, Helper orders last two)

Fantastic! Now, onto the trivia segment!

I will send you a PM. Please answer the question inside of the PM. If you answer out loud, you will not receive a point.

(Trainer sends first two PMs, helper sends last)


Q|| Who is the founder of the company?
Q|| Do we serve lemonade?
Q|| Who made this cafe system?

Fantastic! You have passed the Trivia segment! Now, onto the trolling segment.

If you encounter a troller in the cafe, you will tell them nicely to stop once.

If they continue to troll, call an MR+. To do this in the simulation, simply say “-calls MR+”.

If there is not an MR+ in the server, call for an MR+ in the group wall.

Exploiters receive no warnings at all; Call for an MR+ right away!

(Trainer does trolling simulation, helper does exploiting simulation)

Fantastic! You have all passed this training session!

Junior Baristas are able to work behind the counter!

Make sure to be respectful, or you will be demoted. The same will be said for grammar.

Now, please wait until I bring you to the lines to be promoted.

You have all been promoted! Dismissed! Have a good day/night!


  • The host must log everybody’s names and new ranks, then make sure that they are ranked after the session.
  • After the session, the host must change the shout. Here’s an example of a post-trainings shout:
    "[TRAININGS] Trainings have concluded! Congratulations to everyone that passed! We hope to see you working at the cafe sometime!"

Created: 5/21/2020
Last Updated: 5/30/2020