Orbs not falling even though they are unanchored

Hey guys! Just wondering how I could solve this issue. I have code that spawns these orbs (Which are called dogecoin in the script) but they aren’t falling. I see a few fall for a split second but then they stop and just sit there. Any ideas on what could be causing this? Script:

local doge = script.Parent
local dogecoin = game.ServerStorage.Dogecoin

while true do
	if doge.Parent == "ServerStorage" then
		print("Doge is not purchased yet")
		local dogecoinClone = dogecoin:Clone()
		dogecoinClone.CFrame = doge.CFrame + doge.CFrame.LookVector * Vector3.new(2, 0, 2)
		dogecoinClone.Parent = game.Workspace
		dogecoinClone.Anchored = false

Thank you for reading and replying if you are going to reply!

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The script kinda makes no sense. I suppose the script is inside the orb, which is in ServerStorage, then somehow you grab that orb and place it in workspace, then the script start to run, and its checking if its not in SeverStorage… which is useless, obviously its not in ServerStorage cause it started to run.

Then if its not in ServerStorage, it clones a Dogecoin from ServerStorage per iteration of the while loop each 5 seconds, but the thing that holds this script is it not anchored too?

Could you show a video?

Oh the script is actually inside the doge! Yea I can send a pic idk how to use videos on my laptop.

Screenshot 2023-05-16 175318

You mean this script is inside the dogecoins that will be cloned too?

The nature of the script you did show makes me think its somekind of spawner, and the dogecoins doesnt have this same script (?)

no the script is in the doge shown in the pic. its one of these tower tycoons. I gotta go now but I will be back in about 15 minutes!

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I’m back do you have any ideas what could be the issue???

Solved it! All I had to do was add a wait before anchoring it.

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