Ore-Blox Update Version 0.51!

(Ignore the title!)

VERSION 0.61!!

Sorry for the lack of updates over the past few weeks! There was a massive bug in the testing grounds that broke the game.

Ore-Blox’s release was pretty good! BUT!! IT WAS FULL OF BUGS… This week’s update is not.

  • Major bug fixes all across the game!!
  • Data-Wipe! This (Hopefully) should be the last data wipe. This was done becuase of the dupe bug and the OP anchient upgrader.
  • Meny balances to items, weapons and lowered gem rewards.
  • Ore store changes! You can no longer sell ores for gems but instead for money!
  • Few new items! Mostly reborns.
  • PICKAXE LEVELING!! Pickaxes will now have to be leveled up by mining ores OR completing one of the brand new quests given by the worker.
  • Pickaxe changes! Now the lower level you are the less chance you will accually hit the ore and collect it.
  • SECRETS!! There are now secrets hidden through-out the map! Every day you join a “gem shard” will spawn in one of the secret areas!
  • Brand new weapon! The scythe! Does massive damage but costs… alot.
  • Raised reborn prices… ALOT. Might reduce based on feedback.
  • Background changes. This is mostly stuff that you can not see but just helps the game run better.
  • LAG REMOVAL!! Almost all of lag should be gone.
  • Fully changed rebirthing to leveling.
  • Minor graphical and polishing changes. This includes a new soundtrack in the background, a new thumbnail and more!
  • Gamepasses! The first gamepass has arrived! You can see all gamepasses by going behind blacksmith!
  • Quest changes! There have been a few changes to quests and their reward systems, PLUS a brand new quest “XP Man”!
  • Ore Bananza! You can now talk to a brand new NPC somewhere on the map to active a “Ore Bananza”. This will spawn all ores in the game instantly. (They do not respawn after being destoyed.)
  • New badge! You can now earn the badge “Unboxer” for unboxing a miner box!

The released pack is onsale for 10 more days due to bugs in the last update.

Thanks to all our bug reporters (KanoZ,Awestar9999,Creeperthekid32,Jaschutte) for reporting so meny bugs! Thanks! c:

Use code “ILikeXP” for some free XP to get you started! Happy mining!! c: (Next update will not take as long!)

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