Ore-Blox Version 0.58!

VERSION 0.58!!

This is one of the biggest updates to Ore-Blox yet!!

Lets not waste anytime and get right into the updates!!

  • Brand new pack! The future pack!
  • CUTSCENE/INTRO WHEN YOU JOIN THE GAME!! The first time you join the game you will get to view a little cut-scene on how the mine was made!
  • Major bug fixes! This includes being able to walk after the tutorial, the clan leaderboard not scrolling, loading bug and more!
  • Offline money now shows up as a notification when you join!
  • Clan name changer! You can now change your clans name!
  • Shop, inventory and clan members scrollers now auto resize to make sure you can see everything!
  • 5 new items! (3 Upgraders, 1 Dropper, 1 Furnace) There are also new “loopers”!
  • Tutorial changes! The tutorial has been changed to work better!
  • Hotkeys for the shop, inventory and settings!
  • Anti-Lag measures! You can now remove other players bases to reduce lag!

A big update for you guys! The game should be released within the next few weeks! Thank you all for playing! :slight_smile:

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